Residential and Commercial installation of video surveillance systems

Designing, upgrade, repair and maintenance

Complete solution
HD Security cameras, DVR
Installation of security cameras
Configuring Remote Access
Customer Support and Extended Warranty
Transparent and clear working conditions
How we save your time and money?
Fixed price. No contract!
Project Evaluation within 2 hours
Contact us and we will calculate you the exact price of the project, which will not be adjusted on the fly.

Find out the exact price
Free travel
for accurate evaluation of the project
You don't have to think in advance about how many cameras you need and understand the technical details. We will evaluate everything on the spot.

Order technician
Free setup of the remote access
to cameras
  • Access the video from the cameras on-line and archive records for the correct time and date from anywhere in the world
  • You can even see what's happening in the office at home TV!
Maximum system reliability
  • Technical documentation for the project after completion of the work
  • Only the most reliable equipment of famous brands
  • We give an extended warranty on the equipment and work
Extended Warranty
Quality installation is our pride!
All wires neatly stacked in a box or a corrugated hose
The ends of the straps cut
Connectors neatly finished
Only the expensive quality tools
Maximum neat installation of cameras
Extended Warranty from Intaak LLC
Reliable equipment and experience allows us to give such guarantees
Free telephone support from our service quality
We provide our own warranties on equipment
In case of failure is not your fault we will come and replace defective equipment. You do not need to take it to a service center.
To restore the system at our expense Breakdown
If installed in the summer time and the system broke down in the winter because of the cold, we repair the problem free of charge.
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